I Live My Life by the Moon
2002-04-02 18:39:04 (UTC)

Long Week

It's been a strange past week or so. Last Thursday (3/28) I
went on a field trip to SF with my English class. It was
cool b/c there are about 33 ppl in my class, but only 15 of
us went. Some ppl stayed home to work on the essay, some
couldn't miss school b/c of tests and shit, and some ppl
just didn't want to go (whatever). Anyway, I went (of
course) and so did Soren. Yes, Soren: the boy who I was in
love with for 3 years, even though it was unrequited.

So me and Soren spent the whole day together. The WHOLE
day. We got on BART at 8 AM, and when we were on the
platform, he made fun of me for hanging out with a big
group of boys. I vaguely remember saying, "Well, I like
boys," to which he replied something along the lines
of, "No you don't." I joked that he was right and that I
only like girls. I think...

Anyway, he slept the whole way to the city. I woke him up
when we got to Montgomery and we walked off the train.
Seebass (my teacher) decided to take us on a tour of the
city, which involved him talking the whole way. Me and
Soren walked around together, him pointing out all the
places in the city where you could rollerblade. It was

Eventually, we got to SFMOMA (The Museum of Modern Art).
Seebass gave us a tour, and I just walked away. I was tired
of listening to him talk, so I just kept to myself and
wandered into other rooms. I don't think he got mad, but
then again, I really don't care.

Seebass then let us wander the museum on our own, which me
and Soren did together. Then we all met back in front of a
museum in the Yerba Beuna Cetner of the Arts. Soren and I
(just me and Soren) ate lunch at this sushi place in the
Metreon. Just me and Soren. Lauren told me later that if
that had happened three years ago I would have shit twice
and died. Pretty much.

Anyway, Soren told me while we were eating that he had
never eaten at a Japanese restaurant before. When we got
our miso soup, he started eating it with the chopsticks. I
started to laugh, and told him that you're supposed to just
drink it. So we ate our food and went back to BART and went

I spent the whole day with Soren. Me... ME! That night, he
called me b/c he needed help with his essay, which I had
already helped him with. SOREN CALLED ME!!! AHHH!!!

Yeah, so that was that. Then on Sunday night, he IMed me.
By choice. Because he wanted to. What is going on? So he
and I "talked" for about an hour, then I went off to do
something else.

Then yesterday (Monday), I called Andy, and he emphatically
agreed that we should hang out. We talked for about 2
hours, in which he told me that he's gonna have sex with
one of his friends. This is my personal area of expertise,
so I can offer a lot of "help" before his first time.

He's gonna call me tonight and we're gonna decide when
we're gonna get together, either Wed. or Thurs...

Until pigs fly, I will always be


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