My So-Called Life
2002-04-02 16:10:50 (UTC)


I am currently employed. I work at Dairy Queen. And I am
not telling anyone my hours yet though until I actually
have this whole thing down! haha. about a half an going to be my second
day of work. I am half excited, and half fearfully nervous.
Aug. Oh well, we will see how much I remember today and how
well I do.

I have been writing more poetry. (A little more anyways...)
And all of my stuff is really short, but at the same time
maybe even more meaningful than some of my longest. Sara
called me another Emily Dickinson and said that I should
start wearing all white and lock myself in my bedroom.
hmm...Im not sure about that. But, so far in 'book #2'
there are five poems..five..I think. yes.

My nails are long...and I really cannot decide if I like
them, or if I really hate them. Its kind of fun
because..well, because they are long. haha...that didnt
make ANY sense.

This Saturday the girls in my family are all going for a
large shopping spree in Columbus where my sister, Emily,
lives. This should be exciting, shopping all of a sudden
sounds very fun and very refreshing...dont ask. I guess
that could be partly because I actually have some cash this
time. haha..ha...yeah.

Summer has become close enough for me to start using my
summer sheets. This is a good thing, because I WANT SUMMER
BACK. Its strange, because usually I never really want
summer to come this badly. But, last summer was too
memorable to not want something similar again. And I have a
weird feeling that I am going to get one or the other:
either a very fun summer maybe even better than last. or a
summer that will become some sort of living hell...I dont
know why I think that could happen. But something is
telling me that it is possible.

Well, off to work!