2002-04-02 15:40:57 (UTC)

my mother is a bitch

Last night my mom came home and she was being a totaly
bitch to me and my sister. Honestly, for once my sister had
been good that night. She was a little hypper but that was
tolerable. My mom was all telling her that if she did not
shape up she was going to take all of her stuff away and
all she was going to have is a bed ans a dreser. A, no.
that is not right. she is a 9 year old girl. a bitch most
of the time but still, i think that is not right to say to
your children. Then she is all like, your going to listen
to ect. Then she kickes me off the internet and goes onto
my sn and talks to people. *anyone that she talked to i
hope she was not mean. if she was i am sorry* Finaly i had
enought of her bitch attitude and asked her why she was
being like that. Then she goes and gets another beer. Mind
you she had already been drinking when she came home. She
smelled really bad. And she was continuing to drink. Yeah,
a no. So then i spend the next 5 minutes bitching at her
telling her that it is really iresponsible to be doing all
of that. that something could happen to her and all of the
stuff that parents are usually telling their children. *i
think that the rolls of parent and child have somhow been
fucked uo in my family* Then she goes up stairs and tell
her that i am taking a walk because i am so pissed off. i
go down to webs and call tony and ask him to come and talk
to me. he does and than he walks me home. i get in the
house and my mom is all like what what do u want from me. i
told her that i expected something from her and she was all
well i expected something from you. then she goes in the
frige and takes out another beer. i told her that is she
was giong to continue to drink that i was not going to stay
in the house. who wants to be around some drunk person. and
who wants to listen to her and jeff fuck eachother all
night. it really is getting discusting. i mean come on, one
day it was at 10:30 in the morning when my sister and i
were downstairs watching tv. oh yeah i forgot, my mom told
everyone who called to eat shit and die. yeah that was
really mature of her. ne way, so i told my mom that if she
was going to continue to drink that i did not want to stay
there. so she did and i left. and i came home with tony and
watched carl play his game. tony really never sleeps. i was
so tired so i went to bed in rosie's bed and tony was on
the computer still. then about an hour later he comes and
waked me up. we lay there and talk till like 4 in the
morning. it was really nice to just be by him and get to
talk to him. we talked about stuff that was bothering us
and our pasts and all of that fun shit. that is how i know
that i love him. because i am so content just laying with
him. *i love you tony* so yeah. i am still at carls and i
am trying to decide what to do. i think that i should cal
rosie soom and tell her what is going on. till later