Nick's Journal
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2002-04-02 15:33:52 (UTC)

The Death Penalty

Now I had a lot of stuff to say about this topic but let
me just say this. I can't think of one good reason to
have the death penalty. I REALLY can't. All the evidence
points to those opposed. Now I know you're probably
shocked seeing this come from me, I mean if there's one
person you can always count on to be a cynical shitbag it
should be me. But I can't think of any reason why. Oh
wait.......yes I can.
Now, those people against it have such annoying metaphors
and quote Gandhi - "An eye for an eye leaves the whole
world blind." So let me put it to you in your terms.
An eye for an eye does NOT leave the whole world blind.
Let's say for example we take it literally. You do
something like look at child pornography we gouge out your
eyeballs. Now we got some guy walking around bumping into
shit "crying" because he has lost his most treasured
possessions. Now some other guy walks by him and thinks
to himself "shit that guy is miserable without his eyes I
better not do something that i'll lose my eyes for."
Cutting off a hand for stealing. Good thing. You got
some guy that's gotta cut his shit with his fork cos he
can't use both the knife and the fork, you're sitting
across from him and are like.....welllllllll do I want to
be like that just because i need that new tommy hilfiger
That's what it's all about....consequences. The more dire
the better. Sure you say it doesn't deter crime. I
completely believe that. Just cos you're killin' soem guy
isn't going to keep some other guy from going insane and
killing someone, but you know what it does do? It rids
the world of one insane guy. If we're going to LOCK HIM
UP FOR LIFE and i'm not talking about this cushy
fraternizing with other inmates (which only leads to rape
anyways) it's just as cruel. I'll gladly take their
argument of life in prison as long as it is A
PUNISHMENT! One room, one toilet, 1 hour of p.t. a day
and that's it. He can have books (which are censored) so
that it's not completely inhumane.....but that's it. He
can only have a limited supply of books and then he
If you do that. And you can guarantee that he will NEVER
EVER come out to society again I'm all for it. If not,
fuck it. Kill him. I know it's arbitrary as to when the
death penalty is enforced (of course really high if the
defendant is black or poor) so that's why i propose this.
Let the family of the victim decide whether or not to
enforce the death penalty.
Yeah so that's about it. I suppose that my argument isn't
good, but bare in mind that's because our status quo is
against the death penalty so right off the bat anything
FOR the death penalty is frowned upone. Now if i had some
good FACTS to back it up......well then maybe i'd have a
case here, other than that.... later suckas

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