Sleeping with the lights on
2002-04-02 14:58:37 (UTC)

Nothing really matters..

I am so tired of hearing the same voices everyday. They are
always ignorant and loud. The only things they say are
negative towards people less fortunate then them. They do
not appreciate the way things should be. The way things
should be are not the way that they are. They should be
free, and happy. Everyone in my school is so fucking
judgemental. I do not see how they can live their lives
thinking that they are better than everyone around them.
They really do make me sick. Most of the time I can't do
anything about it. I try to let them know that no matter how
high everyone else puts them, they are their true selves to
me. They are monsters. They are the people that are going to
destroy the world with their hate. They have had it planted
into their brains that people who are different from them
are not important, and should be outcasted at all time. They
are the people who are always dressed in what the media
tells them to wear, tells them what to think and do and if
FUCKING DISGUSTS me. Who am I though? Who am I to say that
they are "the monsters" but who cannot see it?? They are
hypocritical fucking losers that will do anything to destroy
what little self dignity others have left. I hate them. I
hate them all so fucking bad because they are scum. But
people look up to them. They do not see them like I do..they
see them as like gods or worse, role models. How can anybody
see them like this? What kind of a world do we fucking live
in? It's not MY problem, and I'm not going to be the one to
fix it, but I can say that I am going to be one person who
stands against it. Fuck them, and fuck being like everyone