Life as I know it.
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2001-05-20 20:19:11 (UTC)

sunday bloody sunday

Last night I went out, had some fun, drank a little, had a
nice meal, and looked damn good...all in all a good time.
Now after going out all these times, im sitting home, i
have no idea what to do with myself, so i cleaned a bit,
caught up with some friends over the phone, and
unfortunately have to get up early and call for a job
tomorrow...blah, i liked my week off of work...i was happy
being unemployed.

Well I kinda have plans next weekend with this boy i always
kinda liked so im kinda excited. He is single, im single,
what is stopping us from goign out? HAHAHA probably a lot
of things but I find him interesting.

Oh I ate yesterday...woohoo...and i kept it down. I just
have no appetite and i know i have to eat, and its sad to
say i like how my body looks when i dont eat for a few
days, its not puffy anymore and my abs actually kinda
show...im not anorexic, cause honestly I used to be
anorexic, for three months i didnt eat and after that I
would consume less than 500 a day but exercise soooo much
that i knew i would burn them....but thats not healthy...so
I started eating normal again....no medical doctor told me
to do it, i just did it. I know when I do unhealthy things
to quit it.

Im trying to go to Fuel and Fuddle tonight with
everyone...I dread telling my one friend im single cause
right before i started dating matt she wanted me to date
her roommate cause she (and everyone else ) thought we
would be great together, im not gonna lie her roommate is a
pretty awsome cool guy, but he is her roommate, she is my
friend, that would be strange to say the least. She is
proud everyone that she fixes up lasts a long long time
too...and i dont think me and her roommate would last that
long...and i dont want a boyfriend right now, cause you
know the whole Jenn being dumped thing....makes me not even
want to think of being with anyone right now, but i have to
move on.

oh well off to -get dressed and try to do something other
than sit around being bored or something...