things that make you go mmmm
2002-04-02 07:52:14 (UTC)

April 1, 2002

Just had a three hour talk with my girls. It's always
so nice to munch pretzels and talk about what we want out
of life and men and ourselves, what we think about religion
and gun control and so-and-so's rear view. We also pulled a
few April fools, of course :-D. Hey Dana are you going to
help out with that cow in the morning?

I have decided that maybe this vulnerable feeling is a
good thing. How can you keep everything out but still
expect to feel something coming in? It makes sense to me :-
). I am so grateful for my guy friends, you guys rock my
world, they keep me in check. There are awesome guys out
there girls, it's just a matter of finding one. Hopefully I
have or will. Kevin thanks for listening, Matt too. Here's
kudos to you...

I love my going to bed ritual, it's so relaxing and
comforting. I turn on the pink light and put some Johnny
Lang and John Mayer on, music like that, go do the hygiene
thing, come back in, and climb in my bed. I'll usually
light a tealight under my wax scent warmer (from Wales no
less ;-p). I got my teddy bear with the chapstick down his
pants and all that jazz. me, discovering you...and if you want
love, we'll make it, swim in a deep sea of blankets, take
your big plans and break them... your body is a


How can things seem so different within a matter of
hours? How can they do a complete 180 without any warning
or prior notice? It's enough to drive a girl mad I tell ya,
mad. One day at a time kids one day at a time.

FYI: We're going to Blue Cats to see Gran Torino on Friday!!