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2001-05-20 18:39:16 (UTC)

no prom for me

remember the prom thing i wrote about earlier this week?
about how i wasn't sure is my friend (tony) was gonna get
the tickets? well here's what happened with that: thursday
he took me home from school and we were going to go
runnning. before we did my mom said call the place, and see
if they'll let you get tickets. well he called and the
people said they would hold the tickets for us at the door.
so it was set we were gonna go to this prom! i was so
excited! after we went running, and tony left, i painted my
nails and got all my jewelry out and my shoes, and my
dress. no.. you have no idea how excited i was! i couldn't
sleep that night, i was thinking about how everything would
look and all that. so i get to school and tell my friend,
veronica, who was doing my hair after school, that we got
the tickets and we could go. but... during 5th hour which
is health and i have it with tony, he looks at me and says,
"i don't think we should go tonight." i didn't even know
what to say. i could tell something wasn't right, there was
this awkwardness that was going on between us. i just said
"what do you mean?" i knew that he didn't want to hurt me
and he thought that i was gonna fall all in love with him
again, and go crazy over him. and i think that's why he
chose not to go. then he just told me to pray. and so i
just sat there and prayed and cried. my excitement went
from really high to ground zero. i ended up going to
friend's and getting my hair done. when she was doing my
hair and i called my mom to see if tony called. she said
she'd call me if he did. so veronica's almost done with my
hair and then, i get a call from my mom saying, "stop where
you are, i'm coming to pick you up." my mom said tony
called and tried to explain things to her, and he wanted to
make it up to me, so he said he would call me at 6:00. well
i got home, in tears, and sat watching the clock, waiting
for him to call. he never did. i was heartbroken. i just
sat there, crying, mad, confused, hurt. i understand why he
thought we shouldn't go, he didn't want to hurt me. and he
didn't think that i understood that. he under estimated me.
i know that tony and i can't be together right now, i
couldn't handle it and neither could he. but he doesn't
realize that i know that.
sorry this is so long, but to put it plainly, i didn't go
to prom. i didn't get to wear the beautiful dress, or the
shoes, my hair didn't get done, and i was left with a
brokenheart. tony went to prom last night with his
exgirlfriend and they're at the dunes today. i don't know
monday's gonna be like at school so we'll see. as for now,
i hope everyone else who went to prom had fun. thanks for
reading all this nonsense. Byebye.


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