The Complete thoughts of Me.
2001-05-20 18:36:23 (UTC)

Just one ring...

I hate phones. At this moment, it's like my heart is
physically connected to the phone and the more silent the
phone is, the more my heart aches. I just want a
callback. That's it. I don't have to get liesl, I don't
really have to be cast (although it would be nice), I just
want a callback. It's not going to happen though. Why
would they call me back? I'm fat, I'm ugly, I don't have a
good voice....well, I do, but not good enough. Not
compared to Elizabeth. I bet she's going to get liesl. If
she doesn't get liesl, she's going to get one of the other
kids. Why can't I have her voice. This is pure torture!
Somedays the phone ring and rings, but today nobody has