a watercolour stain
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2002-04-02 07:02:19 (UTC)

blah blah la ti da

well, nothing has happened and i'm sleepy, so i shall make
this quick. been fighting alot. a few nights ago, he got
off work at 11, but didn't get home till after 4 am. he
decided to go to some bar with people from work. we fought
and spilled a glass of water on the keyboard and had to get
a new one. talked to kim, and had to listen to this big
story about how her and her boi had sex at his work. we're
going to dinner this weekend w/ his parents. i planned to
stay at my mum's for awhile, but my grandmother will be
there for 2 weeks then. so that's not hapenning. ike's at
ron's right now working on his resume. ho hum...~~~
~v Stardust