My Dear Old Diary
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2001-05-20 18:19:46 (UTC)

May 20, 2001

Dear Diary,
My friend actually gave me this Idea becuase I have
been getting very frusterated lately with school, Home, and
just about everything that is living. I have been getting
very nervous too. And the more I get nervous the more I
have all these panic things like that.And I havn't been
telling my mom which is making things 500 times worse. I
really hate doing this but I know that this is the best
thing right now. I mean for my parents and things like
that. I mean sometimes I really want to tell them but I
know that they will just get scared and like totally freak.
and maybe oneday I will have the guts to tell my mom or
something. I think this Diary thing is really working for
me because everytime I write in you I feel more and more
calm and relaxed. I really am going to write in you
everyday and hopefully these things will go aways so i
won't even have to tell my mom or anything like that. I am
really glad I found this and not only am I writing in you
but I can also talk to my friends while I'm doing this and
I know that this is completely confidential. I have to tell
more of my friends about this web page that I found this
web page. I think everyone in this world has some stress in
their lives and has 3 nosey siblings. well anyway I better
get going becuase I think that we might be going out and I
have to get ready before my mom comes home and see's what I
am writing. So see you later.
Your Best Friend,