The Shadow of Myself
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2002-04-02 05:54:09 (UTC)

a little bit of love...

It's really interesting and I love it how all my girls here
know things before I tell them. I won't really say what
the figured out.. but I seriously didn't say anything.
They all asked me about it.. and I was like.. you're cool
b/c you knew that. Then we get to talk about it forever
and it's great b/c talking about it is always really cool.
So they get excited for me and I'm like.. I love you guys.
I just love that though. Maybe I'm obvious. I think I'm
being all sneaky but I'm probably not at all. I bet people
are like.. whoa... put the neon sign down.. we know. Then
I'm still thinking.. I'm so good nobody has an idea. I
guess I could know deep down that I'm giving away more than
I think I am. I just try to play it safe a lot.

On another note... here's a side story for you. Last week
a guy that Mel and I work with had to get a brain scan.
He's probably in is mid-40's or something. Anyway, we're
not sure if he's a Christian or anything but we made him a
little card. It was really cute it had a sun on it and it
was like we'll be praying for you and we hope everything
goes well. Then Mel found a Bible verse about having your
strength through the Lord. It was great. So today at work
as soon as we walked in the doors he was like... "HEY...
thank you guys so much. I really appreciated that card.
It meant a lot." I can't even explain how much it made my
day to know that it meant that much to him. He said he's
going to frame it and put it on his desk. I absolutely
love doing that for people. I just want to love everyone.
It's just the greatest thing in the world. It's beyond
amazing. It's also cool.. b/c you never know what kind of
affect that your love can have on someone. Wow...

Alright.. I just wanted to tell those two little stories.
I'm gonna go to bed now b/c I'm really tired. Good times..


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