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2002-04-02 05:30:21 (UTC)

its you not the world thats totally crazy

and then the rainnnsss came

yes. done with that fucking paper. and everything else
associated with it.
i just went out and got myself a milkshake from dennys.
mint chocolate =)
not on the menu but specially made for me =)

yay for being as utterly happy as i am right now.

emilys spending the night with christin.
i know shes having an awesome time and that makes me happy.

she came to see me just for lunch and a bootie call today
=) that was happy too.

god. im so glad thats over.

i went a bit psycho today.
ha. yup.
the people at the waffle house gave me chocolate.
theyre sweethearts.

i love sandy and i miss her.
shes going to be back from summer and thats happy too.
shes a great girl.

i need to go to sleep because i work tomorrow and i have
class. and i didnt read the fucking book i was supposed to
but i really dont give a shit cuz i had this stupid paper
to do.


this semester is drawing to a close and i couldnt be more
excited about that.
i really enjoyed my classes this time though.
and my schedule. it was all pretty much perfect. =)

shawns a huge cute dork. i love him.


to rock your world.

and then the rains came...
she said how can i love you.
when i dont even know you no more.

oh baby why wont you talk to me

maybe i wont love you this time around.

mommys sleeping soundly on the floor like a little girl.
she is so beautiful.