Reality Bites
2001-05-20 17:58:13 (UTC)

May 20th, 2001

Okay to start, i have like the hugest crush on Nick King
aka "the canadian". He probably thinks i'm a moron though
because i like him and i haven't even gotten the courage to
talk to him yet. It's pathetic really. I just found out my
best friend Jenna knows him and that he lives in her
neighborhood. I always see him in the hall and we lock gaze
for a few moments until we pass each other and i swear
there is total electricity. It's like i have radar whenever
he's near me, i can automatically tell he's around and sure
enough, bam! he's standing across from me. Crystal Taylor
is one of my friends who has been helping me out with him
because she knows him. she's been great about it too. A big
help, even though there's probably no chance any thing will
happen, but one can hope. Okay well I guess that's all for
today, until next time...

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