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2002-04-02 05:18:41 (UTC)

Birthday Wants

I always seem to get shafted when it comes to
I'm making this list. I know rather stupid, but this is
what I want.

This year though I don't have a cd player I would like some

Jesus Christ SuperStar the new sound track
Anything by Harry Connick Jr but not come by me I already
have that
Trik Turner was on sale last week for 6.99 at
target, but being a bone head I didn't get it.

I also wouldn't mind some paints...any color even the ones
I have would be nice (but please don't get the same color
over and over)

I would like a present that some thought was given to.
Rather than getting me just anything, could you please
think about what I would like? Not pointing at anyone in
particular, but I have been devoid of neato
presents...well, except Christine, my sister, and
Erika,...she always seems to have her pulse on all my

I would also like a Mario Bobble Head.

I would like stuffed animals (not really, but I'd like it

I would like some Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, etc stuff.

I would like to go Ice Skating.

I would like some Gene know not necessarily
Gene trademark, but something I could use along those lines.

I would like someone to talk to.

I would like someone to go and do things with.

I would like another piglet.

I would like a friend.

I guess that's all I can think of for now. TTYL.

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