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2002-04-02 01:57:35 (UTC)

Happy days - A dream of sand

April first day and I had a dream of sand. I read in book
of dreams that sand means happiness. Well I helped my
neighbour in final placements of move on. I think I am
making good things helping her. Tonight I watched a move
on tv when she was sleeping with her babe in room.
After that I could go to my hideout. I defeat some enemies
just because I was beside her.
Mel my old friend is there and out of school. I am looking
for some good school in other place of big city. She
deserves every thing good. Carol I saw her today and Mimi
too. Just a quick sight and hallo. They were hurry walking
to other places.
The good things are granted for free. I am not deserving
a prize by being good. To be good is the happiness.
Tomorrow another day in paradise. Wheater is very hot here
even season is Autumn.

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