2002-04-02 04:17:36 (UTC)

Still glad I came

Where should I begin, Ash I will owe you and everyone else
the rest of my life for putting me in this mood and state
of mind that you did, I still am exteremly happy, and
compeltly crazy, which I dont mind one bit. I honestly had
no clue how things would turn out, espicaly with the rocky
start with my dad. I had no clue how much I realy missed
you both until I got there. I was quite, filled our wonder,
a little hurt, I dunno. I felt at home for once, it was
nice, I hope I can come back somtime. Ive had the most fun
ive had in a while. Molly (my aunts dog) is here so shes
sitting with me at the computer, so I think I want a dog.
Ok well continuing on my trip, Fraziers gonna freak out
when he finds out about jerry sienfeld, and I have
pictures, which turned out pretty well, except the one of
jerry jsut turned out to be his limmo door, but thats ok,
its a nice door, lol. I dunno, I have more to write about,
but things are just so crazy right now, im happy again, and
I im gonna try to make that last here, and im scared to see
how its gonna end up with the people here, Im just wating,
and thinking of fond memories of my trip