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2001-05-20 17:00:48 (UTC)

hey hey hey

well now im at daddys yea i know boooo! good thing he isnt
here, i just got back from chruch tito's and luis's
comunion. well yesterday i was at the movies with kiki. we
saw the mummy it sucked well it was ok it just was way to
fake and corny. well then we went to eat then stayed
downtown till like 10:30 then we got to her house and
talked until she fell asleep and then me and mandy talked
yes i told her everything. she made me realize something.
that i do need him.. well she did talk to him alot and then
i talked to him and when the conversation was getting good
jackie walks in the house that meant i had to hang up it
was 3am, so i couldent call from my cell my mom would kill
me when we get the bill. damn im scared for that..that
means i have to tell mom everything! and i want to soo bad
so she can accept this and not hide nothing from her. cuz
she is my mom she has been 14 b4 too ( my b-day is in
3weeks!!!) so i dont know how i am but i am and i want to
so bad. im gonna tell her that i love him. well thats all
for now... later dudes.... bubye!