Shaded Soul

A World of Broken Glass
2002-04-02 03:51:32 (UTC)

Stupid, Stupid "People"

I'm back. Wow. Anyway, now I'm here to tell you about ...
more stuff. Just have to say, Mushroomhead is the best band
ever. They are so talented, hard working and artistic. I
could listen to them all day.

Yesterday was Easter. I had to put up with sickening
people running around with playboy bunny ears on their
heads, like that has a single thing to do with Easter.
Whose #*[email protected] idea was it to have a rabbit running around
hiding eggs (eggs that he DIDN'T lay, mind you, so they
must be stolen property...) and that bull? I can see being
all cheesy and corny on days such as Independence Day and
April Fools, but when it's a religious holiday, give it a
rest already!

Blah, blah, blah.

Putting up with stupid people is a full time job.