out of reach
2002-04-02 03:38:18 (UTC)

la ta da da da da...feeling groovy

well, its been a long time since i've written anything in here. i believe there's some catching up to do.

antioch: wonderful experience. although i've lost faith in the catholic church with all of this sex scandal and whatnot, i've renewed my faith in God. (if you are one of my atheist friends reading this i ask you to please understand and accept our differences of opinion). anyway, i confessed to the priest, something i hadn't done since second grade when i confessed that i hit my sister. it was a good thing to do and it made things a little clearer for me. i talked to darrick's english teacher that was there to supervise us. he was an awesome guy around the age of 25. he graduated from boston college and inspired me to start reading a book by thich nhat hanh. its making me happy so far.

well, that sorta brings me to now. i've been really happy lately ever since antioch. i just got back from PA today. my dad and i went out there to visit his family. i've moved to the top of the favorite grandchild list due to breena's break up and me getting a full ride to MSU. i enjoyed spending time with my dad despite him constantly yelling at me for speeding. we rocked out to some simon and garfunkel on the way home and he would try to sing to much of my other music. it put a smile on my face and it made me very appreciative of him.

i figured i'd have a lot to talk about since i haven't written in a while. but i really don't feel like it anymore.