My Small Corner of the World
2001-05-20 16:52:55 (UTC)

To Visit or Not to Visit, That is the Question

Well, this weekend's been rather boring, I must say.
Although it's great to have a free weekend off, it's very
boring when you have no one to share your weekend with.
Most of my friends are either too busy with school or work
to hang out or anything. So I've come to a very important
decision here. Very life altering- should I visit my
boyfriend at work today or not?
As I've said, me and my boyfriend haven't been getting
along too well. Fortunately though, we've put our fighting
to a halt for the happiness of the other person, and we're
trying to move forward as a couple. Still, I think we
might just need a break from each other, but I'm not sure.
Either we need to spend more time together (since we almost
never get to spend time with each other) or we need some
time apart (since it seems like all the time we are
together we fight). As it is, it will be our seven month
anniversary on Tuesday and he wants to take me somewhere
special so if I'm going to introduce him to the wide world
of not seeing me, I'll wait till Wednesday. Still, I don't
doubt for a minute that he doesn't love me (any guy who's
put up with me for this long has to love me or be totally
off his cahoots).
Tonight all of the supervisors at the store have to work
from 2 until 10:30 to prepare their departments for
inventory tomorrow. I'm not a supervisor yet so I don't
have to worry about it. Still, he is a supervisor, and if
I were a good girlfriend, I'd go visit him and make him
feel better about all the work he has to do. Still, if not
seeing him is actually going to be better for our
relationship, I shouldn't see him. I'm very confused.
I will also get to see my friends there. I want to make
sure that one of my friends is feeling okay. She has
bronchitis but doesn't have time to go to the doctor and
she's afraid it'll turn into pneumonia. I keep telling her
to go to the doctor, but she doesn't want to. She sounded
real bad the last time I talked to her. Plus, she smokes
so that doesn't help the situation. Still, I hope she's
okay. She had a day off yesterday. Hopefully she took
that time to rest herself.
I've also been having fun people-watching at work. You
see, I hope to become a psychologist or therapist or
something when I get older. I love to watch people and
make my own little psychological theories on them. And I'm
not talking about my customers. I'm talking about my
fellow associates. Like there's a pair of best friends who
work there who are both trying to hook up with the same
guy, who thinks he's God's gift to women. There's one guy
who's had a crush on this one girl since forever and she
still hasn't a clue that he likes her that much. There's
the guy who keeps hitting on my sister (my little sister
works with me as well). There's the new guy who my sister
has put on her cute list. (I think her cute list only
includes the new guy and the 26 year old, married security
guy) It's a lot of fun watching all the people run around
the store, all up in hijinks. Maybe someday I'll write a
book about all of them. That'll be fun. And name theories
after them. Then, if I get famous from it, I'll send them
signed copies for them to use as doorstops. Well, I guess
I'll sign off the way I'll always sign off. Maybe the next
time I write, my small little corner of the world would
have gotten just a tiny bit bigger.
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