my life (as told by me)
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2002-04-02 03:06:00 (UTC)

WHAT THE HELL..........

it's the first of april...god damn april fool's day. and
let me tell you this. today sucked major cock. first off, i
woke up kinda cheerful cuz today was my road test. so i
leave around 2:45 to go take it. while waiting, my mom and
i got in a fight over my parents not buying me a car. that
said and done, i got on with my road test. while doing a 3
point turn, the tailgate of my dad's truck popped open. so
i had to pull over and fix it. other than that, i passed
with flying colors. yeah but then i told my mom i was gonna
take her home and go get britt. so i got bitched out for
that one...i got told i wasnt taking the truck out and just
driving around. so i get home, and who's at my
house....matt and brian. nice suprize. so after that, i
went and got my grandma's car and washed it nice and purty.
so i come home, right, and i ask my dad if i can go to
walmart to pick up something. so he debated, and now i wish
he had said no. i met brad and brian there, and i gave brad
a ride home considering he doesnt like brian's driving. i
dont either anymore....i was in brad's driveway, and i
backed out. i was about to drive away when brian wails the
back end of my dad's truck. fucking fucked it up so
bad....and who gets in trouble? well him, but me, because i
took brad home. so now i have my license, and guess what. i
cant use it. and the fucking web cam i picked up dont fit
into my comp so i'm hopin i can get matt over here to help
me with it. but today woulda been fine had i not lost my
license for pretty much the rest of my life. other than
that, nothing in my life is horrible compared to this. all
i want right now is a hug....a biggggggg hug. i'll find one
somehow. this sucks.......