My Thoughts and Feelings
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2001-05-20 16:50:34 (UTC)

My Day Off!!!

Well, here I am again writing. Yesterday started out bad.
I realized that my boss is just like any other guy. They
just care about how you look, and as soon as prettier girl
comes along, they ditch you. Not that he ditched me, but
that's how I felt. By the end of the night things were
back to normal and worked out perfectly. I think I finally
worked my way in to his soul. Meaning that I think we are
ready to be true friends to each other. He said he liked
the e-mail that I had sent and it helped him realize who I
was a person. The way he described it actually was pieces
of a puzzle fitting together. Anyway, I had set up plans
to go cave exploring with a guy friend of mine, but I'm not
sure that I should go. I think he might get the wrong
impression of the whole situation. (if he hasn't
already!!) This guy is crazy about me, but I don't feel
anything more than friendship. (he works with me also)
Work was just as hectic yesterday. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!
Next weekend will be worse considering the opening of Pearl
Harbor. I'm not looking forward to that at all. My boss
let me off early, but I wasn't ready to come home, so we
just hung out together with the other managers. I must say
that I enjoyed myself alot. That's the point where
Brandon, my boss, and I learned we had the same birthmark
in the same area. We thought it to be a weird
coincidence. When I got home my bf was asleep and the
house was almost peaceful. Today is the wrestling PPV,
Judgement Day. I am a huge wrestling fan!! I know that it
sounds strange, but I like it!! The story lines here
lately have gotten stale (if you watch it then you know
what I mean) but I'm still anxiously awaiting the day that
something happens to put some life back into it!! Well I
can't think of anything else to write at the moment, but I
still have the whole day left!! Until next time...........