The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-04-02 02:59:00 (UTC)

rejections send me down the ladder

As if my Spring Break weren't already fucked, I got a letter
in the mail from Stanford. They rejected me. No wait-list,
either, just flat out "sorry."

A disturbing trend is developing: every rejection so far has
come from a place that required an English teacher letter of
recommendation. It's entirely possible that my old English
teacher gave me a crappy recommendation. If that is true,
then he's one shady old fart.

Anyway, given the trends in both admission and financial aid
offers, it looks like I'll be going to Case Western, Tulane,
or Ball State. Of course, these rejections do simplify the
decision process by eliminating choices. I guess there's a
bright side to this after all.

I'm still a little surprised about getting the wait-list at
the University of Chicago. It seemed like a good match, but
apparently they didn't think so. Still, I kicked the hell
out of their middle 50% on my SATs, so shouldn't that count
for something? It had to be something to do with my essays,
the recommendations, or geographic concerns. In retrospect,
it's probably just as well; there was something depressing
about the place.

Day Four of being sick was uneventful. I watched "Jacob's
Ladder" today, which was good. Pretty freaky, too. The
ending was a little anticlimactic, but it provided a solid
resolution to the film.

My head is still stuffed up, and my fever is still up, but
things seem to be getting better in general. I'm going to
see a doctor tomorrow morning, so maybe modern medicine can
help me feel better. I need to recover soon, though; can't
really get much done while sick. I can't even think clearly
right now, let alone study for my computer science exam or
write the thesis statement for my term paper. I don't even
know what my thesis statement will be at this point.

This is Dave, signing off.