i have to be perfect

i hate my life
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2000-12-17 20:58:25 (UTC)

Hey everyone~ So, hows life..

Hey everyone~
So, hows life been?? I am doing just fine I guess.
Today we had a really good sermon at church about how God
really does love us. The whole point was that God loves us
for who we are, not because of how much we act like another
or try to be someone else, he just loves us. My preachers
sermon really made me realize that to be happy I don't have
to be anyone else but myself. I really don't have to care
if I am accepted by society if I have my God supporting me
all the time, no matter what. His love is unworldy! Well,
enough about that, I am sooo bored right now. My mom had to
go an office party at one of her coworkers houses or
something like that. I am at home by myself with nothing at
all to do. My best friend, Jaclyn is on her way to get me
though. Well, that is all I have to say about that right
now~email me [email protected] ( i really don't
care if you think I am being unsafe by giving out my email
address, it is my buisness, not yours)~the goody-goody