lost in the dark
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2002-04-02 02:13:47 (UTC)

4 days away...

Hey Entry. Well 4 days away from here. 4 days of
relaxation. Back again and it feels good to be back home.
Visiting my sisters place was fun. Spent time with Aprils
kids was fun. Playing and just having fun and not worrying
about what is going to happen the next day is somewhat
refreshing. 4 days and not a care in the world. *sigh*.
Before I went I was thinking about what could happen at
April's place. And wondering if her Boyfriend would say
that might piss me off. To my surprise he was not playing
the big shot, and I am really thankful for that. Something
that I don't think that I would not have stood for. Well,
lets see if I can remember what happened during these 4
Thrusday night. I tell you I am not use to having someone
leaning over me or touching me all that much. April's
little girl, Bianca was crawling all over me. I was
starting to feeling trapped. With her leaning and crowding
on to my back. I almost freaked. The feeling of not being
able to move. Ohhh, man I forgot what it felt like to be
around kids. Philipp on the other hand he is starting to
get in to the stage just before the teenage years. Were he
wants to be able to do things and not have to have Mom and
Dad around all the time. As for me, I don't think that he
could get enough of me, LOL. Wooo Uncle, Can I do this or
can I do that. heheh. What a shock when they saw me though.
All dress in black and long black hair, and earings. Hehe,
from the first glance I am not too sure if they want to run
up and give me hugs or run away, Hahah. *shrug* Once they
found out that I was the same person that I always was,
they were normal, Or as normal as my family gets *smile*.
Friday was kewl. Stayed around the house and played with
the kids. Not really much happened. Quality time with the
kids you could say. PLenty of rest of me, something that I
think that I needed. Interesting TV shows on TV now. I must
have been glued to that TV for most of the day, when the
kids were not jumping or crawling over me. Not having a TV
around any more makes it really hard to concentrate when a
TV is around. Now I know why I don't like TV's.
Saturday, Happy Birthday April :). Ohhh, she is getting
really old. The good thing is that she has not changed.
Still acts like she is 14, or younger. Hmmm, almost like
me, but I act younger ;). And I thought that the kids were
bad about getting B-day gifts. Hahah. It must be in the
Gene's that my sister and I act like this. Because, when I
see her act the way I act and the thoughts of my Dad come
to me, All I can say is "It's in the blood". Should have
seen us trying to do a jigsaw puzzle. Want to see
foolishness, and childish gestures. LOL.
Sunday, Happy Easter. April and I were up around Midnight
hiding Chocolate eggs all over the living room, Big one,
small ones. I think that we both had more fun hiding them,
then the kids did finding them. Other then that, Sunday was
just another relaxing day. Other then helping Sylvain
replace shudders on the vents around the outside of the
house. Ever try to get a Squirral out of a Vent, not a easy
job. Well, found one baby squirral, Which did not know that
was there until the mother was gone. April is looking after
that one, Heheh. And she was the one that was thinking
about killing it. But, know she is thinking about keeping
it as a pet. LOL.
Monday, Second day with the little squirral and April is
fussing more over it then the day before. Hehe. What a good
mother. ;). Went out with April and Sylvain to go buy a
swimming pool for their house. What a bore. Standing around
looking at all the different things that you can buy for a
swimming pool. Ok, that was the first 15 minutes. I stayed
with them for 2 hours. Man, I would have like to have
something to do for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Other then
chasing Bianca around and tell her that she is not aloud to
go swimming in the Display pools that are full of water.
And me forgetting my swimming shorts at home. LOL.
And that is it for the 4 days. Now I am relaxing from the
time that I was suppose to be relaxing.

Lost in the Dark...

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