2002-04-02 02:08:06 (UTC)

flourescent jk

do you remember that feeling of reaching up into the sky
and spinning around and around so fast that you felt
totally high happy drunk for just long enough for it to go
away? .. that's how jackie has always made me feel...
totally high happy drunk... and alive... until she
left... ... but then her phone calls and letters kept me
alive... she never knew it... but they did. ... she is my
best friend. no matter how far away she is... she is
flourescent. she is infinite. and she doesn't even realize
it. ... maybe she thinks i don't love her. but anyone who
can't love her... is dead to the light. ... because she is
the light. ... ... and i'm sorry. ... i'm not dead to the
light. i see her.

cut off my hair again. got it back to it's natural color.

and i got the flu.

i hate that