my yown
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2002-04-02 01:06:44 (UTC)

whats been happening recently

lots happened recently thats what! i moved my room into the
front room and now i have a funky red couch and a FIRE!
yay! i got into that speaking competition also which is
wicked cool! hehehe ahh old style slang. SHE GOT INTO THE
PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!! its so cool shes gonna get such a
boost from that eh?
hmmm im sitting next to her at the momenty and i rang him
last night heheeh i cant wait to get to see him its gonna
be so coool. him and him and all of my little albany
friends. here is a quote from her "um.... um... um"
stupified goldfish look.... im not gonna write her other
quote its to crappeh. OIU she refused to look at me. what a
bitch hinting that im ugly like that.
we've kinds patched things up between us now
though 'recently' she pissed the hell out of my and i kinda
want her dead now. oh welll ^friends they will come and
they will go^ i dont know what thats from i think its a
chorrs song. anyway yeah i was in my new room on my nice
new couch anbd mum walks in and asks me if i was a virgin
then if i was on drugs- random as ehhehehheh write later!