No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-04-02 01:02:26 (UTC)


Its the first day back from Spring Break and things are
already getting all screwed up. What's up with that? Aren't
I suppose to have one ok day?
Well, I was talking to Chris about something for like an
hour and and-a-half. Out of no where Andy IM's me and all I
could think was "great...just great" He asked who all I was
talking to and I told him I was talking to him and Chris
without thinking. Here's kinda how the conversation went:
Andy: Hey
Me: hi
Andy: yeah..hi
Me: yep
*small talk like how are you?*
Andy: who all are you talking to?
Me: you and Chris
Andy: chris?
Me : yeah..chris
Andy: my chris?
Me: yes
Andy: I'm gunna kill him
*now I know the crap is gunna hit the fan*
Me: why?
Andy: because, just because
Me: why?
Andy: because
Me: why?
Andy: just don't worry about it
Me: you have to have have a reason to kill someone
Andy: not Chris haha
Me: why?
Andy: cuz I know Chris
*talk about spring break and then I sign off*

Yeah, I'm mad. I cant even have friends without that guy
messing it up. I'm telling him off next time I talk to him
or see him on line. Seriously, if i cant have friends then
there is definitely something very, very wrong
g2g bye