Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-04-02 00:51:59 (UTC)

Count Downs

There are alot of count downs going on right now....
there is the count down till matt gets home, 9 more days,
and the count down to Virginia Beach, 25 more days, and
then there is the count down to Senior Ball, 69 more days,
and then count down till graduation, which i heard was 81
more days. There are so many count downs, I could go on
forever. Isnt it odd... how everything anymore revolves
around numbers? It cost so much to do so many things and
buy so many things in so many days, or else so many other
things must get canceled! I dont know if I quite like #'s
running my life, but i suppose that I must get used to it
because thats what life its, a whole bunch of numbers and
count downs.... does that seem fair? Is it fair that this
world is ruled by left brained ideas? Is it fair to right
brained minority? Ohh well... what can i do..?


To my friends:
Josh-- your fun to talk to... get a diary!
Emmy-- wish i could help you make a desision and get
everything straighted out, and when i can... come to me,
till then, i am here to talk to you...
Ryan-- you are probably one of my "closest to normal"
friends... I am sorry to hear about patches... thanks for
being a friend

to everyone else... if you have a problem... Suck it up
and drink some water, or talk to me.. either way... and if
life is all good, or as close to that as it can be, cherish
it... and try not to let anyone fuck it up...

yeah, well... adios