The Basement
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2002-04-01 23:45:31 (UTC)


hey. ooo....havent written in a while... thought i was
dead? lmao yea ryte. I wish. anyhoo...nuthin ta write
about. its april fools... i was runnin around askin
everybody out. My friends were all like 0.0'
I went up to dat gurl dat i like. I asked her out even
thugh i was normaly too shy o even walk near her. lolz. It
as sorta intended as a joke and ta see wat she'll say.
She's all like smiling and said "sure." =P now I'm all
confuzed.fuq. April fools sux. chocolate
sux....actually no... kelsy she's hot.
umm....schol sux.yea. we made our teacher cry today. We
were throwin stuff out da window and running around. Brad
was sittin in da corner muttering "bitch." and "fuq u" to
her. She ran out crying and we had da vice and principal
teach our class for da rest of da priod. Not ta mention we
got double da work since our clas ish da worst class dere
is.I' so bored ryte now...

I loved you,
in all ways I know how.
Love you through night and day,
dont know anyone that can make me feel this way.
All i ask if for you to keep me warm,
stay with me,
through this harsh winter storm.
As long as the sun rises,
time after time.
I want to show you the way love really goes,
just give me a chance.
Come a little bit closer,
may I have this dance?
I see you from afar,
sometimes it seems,
you dont know you got the keys to my heart.
Will you be my now and forever?
Will you be the one?
Will you be here beside me?
Will you be my morning sun?
When i think of you,
the stars fade away.
I love you,
are the worlds I long to hear you say.
I sat down next to you late last night,
cant help but stare,
how your eyes can shine so bright.
With only the moon in the sky,
wanted to taste your beautiful lips,
but it seems I'm just too shy,
to steal a forbidden kiss.
So then again,
I'm back to wondering why,
how did I fall for you?
But i didn't get a reply.
I wished with all my might,
to be able to hold you,
to make sweet love to you that night.
I'm falling for you all over again,
but I cant hide alone forever,
spead out your arms,
Will fly away together.