I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-01 22:44:13 (UTC)

Monday Monday,,..da da, da da da da!

Well. One advantage to attending the school that I am
going to is that I got a free ticket to see Stomp. How
cool is that? It's on Thursday. I'm really looking forward
to that! How fun!! Should be a rip-roaring good time. In
other news, well, I have none. Finished my book for class.
Very sad and depressing. For some reason, I don't think
before I speak in that class. And things come out of my
mouth and I instantaneously regret them. I feel like crap
afterwards. I am not projecting the true image of myself
but I don't know why I'm not. It's not fair! I am still
coming across as the dumb blonde bimbo and I really am so
far from that image that it's not even funny. I wouldn't
even mind being a dumb blonde bimbo, but the fact is that
I'm not and can never be one. Grrr!! It's so frustrating.
I just don't understand. Well, I can't think of anymore to
say at this exact moment, so goodbye for now.