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2002-04-01 22:19:48 (UTC)

Great Weekend

My friends came up to my dad's this weekend and got me. We
went to a party,and it was crazy. Our friends
played "house" and one was like "scott did you wash between
your butt cheeks" and he was like "yes mother. did you wash
between your tits" it was hilarious.They weren;t really
playing house but they were just saying stuff,it was
hilarious. Then we all got these really great massages from
everyone. Yeah that was fun,we talked three of the guys
there into giving us massages. It was great. When we walked
in there were these two guys that were really hot. (they
were the only ones) and one of the guys, i hooked up
with,he was real hot. I had to leave the next morning
though but we spent the entire night together after we
started talking and shit.It was cool.Then i got into a
fight with my friend because she is worried about me and i
just didn't except that.I wanted to be happy about it not
worried.And also i can't ever believe that someone was
actually caring about ME. So that's why we got into a fight
because i overreacted. I am going to get my hair cut and
red lighted tonight. So i will write more next weekend
after the Fest.

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