The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
2002-04-01 22:06:23 (UTC)

Okay let's try this again

You can't talk about it can you, ha, you tried twice and
now your on your third try and you can't do it. lol. I
knew it. Why not just write it down, you know it will make
you feel better? or will it? will it make you feel bad?
will it make you nausous? will it make you think about
yourself as a person? I can see you sitting there staring
at the screen wanted to write, but you can't. Your trapped
in your mind, you stuck shit in there for so long that you
can't let it out. Or can you? you just don't want to you
don't think it will matter if you do. It will make you
feel better, i'm sure of it. Oh god see what your doing ot
me, your making me resort to be being kind, eewwf. Your
making me soft, I think i'm spending too much time with
you. Your still sitting there doing nothing, fine, I see
how it is, be a pussy, see if I give a fuck.

Ms. Kitty