The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
2002-04-01 21:53:43 (UTC)


Well diary, I had another talk with Ms. Kitty. Do you
think it's wrong to talk to someone who really isn't
there? I hope not, Life just tends to get so stressful
that I have to talk to her and try to get my thoughts in
check. There are days when I wonder why the hell I ever
cut myself, and then there are mornings when I wake up and
all I want to do is feel the razor breaking my skin and to
see the blood run from the new wound. Some mornings I just
don't want to wake up and face the day. But then I
remember that I am better than that. I don't need that, I
have other forms of escape, I want to live. Everything is
just bullshit and I have to make it through because I'm not
a quitter, Life is one big game and I refuse to lose. They
don't think I'll win, she doesn't think i'll win. I'll
show them all that I can do it and they will have to live
with me being there and being a thorn, digging deeply and
sharply into their sides. I will never give them the
satisfaction, ever. I am normal, I am beautiful, I am me.
I can do this, I can.

Ms. Evil