The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
2002-04-01 21:41:09 (UTC)

Here we go again

Well, well, well your back. I knew you couldn't stay away
for long. Weakness suits you best.

I caved sorry, I had to talk to you. You've seen the fun
stuff that has been going on, haven't you.

Well seeing that I can't get away from you and your
stupidity, of coarse I did. I'm not at all shocked about
how your handling any of it either. Pussy, everytime your
faced with a problem you take the easiest way out.

I can't do it any other way. I want to make people happy
and I want to keep myself happy.

Well if you didn't notice you only make people temporarly
happy cuz then they find other shit out and then get mad.
Why don't you lay everything out.

I can't, I just can't do it. I need Erin to talk to you,
maybe i'll go to the beach tonight. I need ot get away and

Think, think , think that's all you do, you never fucking
act on anything. Why don't you just fucking tell you
mother that your staying with ken this summer. Jesus
what's the worst she can do.

I don't know but i don't want to hurt her. She'll think
its' becuase I hate her or that i'm throwing my life away.

Well your not are you?, But are you holding yourself back?
yes you are. You could do so much and your just sitting
around doing nothing. you know you have to work a lot this
summer. Why didn't you actively look for a job when you
were in PA during the feb?

I don't know, I just never got motivated to and I was scared

Are you going to let fear run you for the rest of yoru
life?, God Emily just do what you want, not what everyone
else wants. Tell your mom that this is your decision and
if she doesn't like it tell your yoru sorry but your doing
it for yourself.

"I miss the pain and the torment that you put me through
so what's to fear when everything is crystal clear
you realize you should do the things you wanna do
don't give into what people say"

I want to be myself, I want to to things for me not anyone
else, I'm sick of trying to make people happy, i'm sick of
trying to make everyone pleased with me, i'm sick of being
that good little girl emily.

There is the anger I like to see, If you make people mad
fuck em, if they really loved you they would let you do
what you want. If your parents don't like what your doing
be like well if you don't like it look the other way. you
go to church when you can, you get good grades, you are
doing something you like fuck 'em all.

Thanks "i dont know where I'll be when you come around
and now it's time to make a choice
and all I want to hear is your voice"
Your always there when I need you, I don't think I'm crazy
for talking to you. Your helpful to me and help me realize
what is good for me.

Ms. Evil
Ms. Kitty