ahoy hoy
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2002-04-01 21:37:33 (UTC)


well this is neat. now i get to write my shit that no one
really cares about and have other people read it this is
great. ( i think , am still not sure ^_^) hmmm well anyways
ahh i have to go to the gym today. i really dont feel like
it. funny hte only reason am typing right now is because am
wasting time and procrastinating( am sure i spelled that
wrong) ahhhh but the thing is a bout these really nice jeans
and but htey are a little bit tight, and i dont feel like
returning them so i have to get my ass to fit int hem. :(
ohh doesnt that sound fun. wellshit in school is dumb, what
else can i say i really dont like school but am in school.
i desided that after i graduate for the sake of graduating,
am goingto cosmotoloy school and learn how to cut hair , lol
after that i might work at a beuty salon for a year and then
leave and try to become a flight attendant, for a year or
so, this summer i plan to work as a hosted at a mortuary
lol ( i think thats going to be fun, and easy, i f i cant
get that job am prob getting some dumb ass job at a super
market or something equally dumb, but hey as long as i get
some money, am with any job cool. i have desided that i
dont want a stupid office job no matter how much money you
get paid they are boring, ( plus i want to get a shitload of
tattoos and i dont wan tto work at a place were i cant have
them. ihtink its stupid for people stupid work rules about
tatoos and piercings. its sooooooo wrong i hate it. well
anyways. hmm i think that i have written more than enoght
for one day yea i think i have. hmmm i guess i shold be
getting my fat ass in the gym. well tata
and tune in another day for the incredibly stupid
reflections of ME ^_^