2002-04-01 21:19:06 (UTC)

33 MORE DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!

Today was the first day back from Spring Break. I think the
teachers know some have spring fever and some have
SENIORITIS!!!!! I'm definitely feeling that right now. I
didn't feel like doing any work today, other than Mrs.
Shaw's work. Peoples' conversations were buzzing about the
prom and graduation. A few times I got misty eyed because
some buddies of mine were talking about the different roads
we will all be taking. It's really starting to kick in now.
After prom passes, that's basically it. The only class I
have to worry about is Mrs. Shaw's. Oh yeah, I got my prom
dress!!!! It's like the blue one I saw in SC, but it's
white. It's simple, but yet it does me justice.....or I do
it justice(wink of the eye) I'm gonna go with LV Wednesday
to get his stuff together. I can't wait for all this mess
to be over with. I'd rather be picking out what I will be
wearing under my graduation gown instead. Man, it will be
here soon. May 25,2002......dang, that's a date to
remember. Mrs. Shaw read us this thing about SENIORITIS and
we had to comment on it. Jakea read something to us also.
It's getting deep now. Although I didn't grow up here,
things are going to be missed. I will be back
occassionally, I know, but I'm not only leaving M'ville
behind....I'm leaving the comfort of home. It's just not
Baldwin or friends.....it's family. I will miss my family
dearly. Gosh, I don't want to think about it
anymore.....it's coming so fast. It's feels like just
yesterday I was in the 10th grade and someone was telling
me that I had a long way to go. It wasn't long enough! They
say your high school days are your best days......I'll soon
find out! *MS. J*