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2002-04-01 21:01:34 (UTC)

Back to School

Well it was another boring day at school. i was so afraid
that my grades were falling due to the fact that i have no
intention of wanting to do my work. school is so boring. i
am so in love with Adam and i don't know how to tell John
but at the same time and i am so in love with John still, i
am throughly confused about everything especially love
lives. John acts as though he had never met me and we never
dated, but in his heart i know that he remembers me. but
talking to Adam makes me feel as though i am still here and
somebody actually cares, nos as if John didn't but.., i
want to date Adam but my parents are like they don't want
me to date him b/c they think that he is trouble, i don't
think he is, but what do i know, i have gotten in more
trouble with guys than you can shake a stick at. but that i
what i am thinking. later.

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