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2002-04-01 20:35:24 (UTC)


I'm drinking purple Gatorade and I just got off tha phone
with Wayne. He is about to leave town with his friend,
Adrian, so we had ta go, and some people were walkin' up to
my door anywayz. Boy, I'm famished! Today it is hot and
this morning i was a little sick, so i didn't go into work
til 2:00 P.M.! I got better and took Jessica and Emily to
lunch at the China Inn, yummers! lol Then we got my film
from tha house and dropped it off.. saw Randy in there..
he's kool. Last night he came over wid everyone to watch a
movie after church and was so comfy there.. like.. just
walked straight in, asked nicely for a drink, all that. I'm
so glad He is a Christian. Anywayz, we dropped tha film off
and tried to get some sunscreen, i just couldn't pick any
out. gr! ha. I think I'm gonna get that Neutrogena sunless
tanning stuff that really works, and is kool. Aunt Wendy
(Mrs. Arizona98:D hehe) said it's good. I ended up just
buying Andi (My Boss at the fort) a frog bath thingy. She
loves frogs.:) Then we went to Rooney Park and i let
Jessica drive! She's pretty good. Emily begged to drive,
but i said no every time lol. I said, "I've seen you drive,
TWICE..." LOL! ahhh.. a story.
I haven't talked to a lot of my buddies, lately. You guys
really need to email me. Sorry i haven't done tha same.
Man, I sooo need a haircut! Ahh..
Well, I know I'm soo exciting, but I need to go! ha!
OOOHH! I believe I'm going to Howard Payne University in
August.... whoa. Lord willing that is. HE is SO GRACIOUS.
Well, God bless.....

He is coming so soon,


I just realized something, I'm going to have a little boy
as my first born! I JUST KNOW IT! WHOA! Praise GOD:)!:)!:)!