The Life And Times of Kara
2002-04-01 20:24:59 (UTC)

It's been a while...

Yes, it's been 4 months since I last wrote in this thing.
Let me tell you, a lot has happened. I had another
boyfriend in January. For sake of anonimity I will call
him "jackass". I had known Jackass for a while and one day
after exams I decided to take him to see "Lord of the
Rings" alone. ALONE. Bad mistake. I ended up falling for
him and we went out for 3 weeks. Three weeks of my life I
wasted away. Why such hostility? you might ask. Well, I
really loved Jackass. A lot. More than anyone else. And
then he had to go and lie to me and be an ass and break up
with me for no good reason. It hurt. I'm finally over him,
but it took way too long. So, I tried to be nice, but all
he ever is to me is mean. A good friend told me he despises
me. DESPISES ME!!! I never did anything to him to deserve
that! Despise...that's worse than hate. So now he is just
awful to me and I get sad and unhappy and then I get over
it. So yeah, I'm ever so cautious of my heart now. I am
more afraid than ever to love, for fear that my heart will
get trampled on again. I dunno...maybe sometime soon I will
be able to allow someone to love me again. I just wish that
someone could help my heart heal. Well, that's all for to ya later.