my adventures
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2001-05-20 07:42:00 (UTC)

cute boys with dreds singing sinatra and DUI's

so miz and i hung out alot for the rest of the time i was
home. we hung out with the whole crew but then after all
the ones who work in the am went to bed, we'd chill. and
the one night we stopped at this girl's house and she was
watching that movie "what women want" and i thought it
would be ridiculous. but it ended up being pretty cute.
anyhow they play alot of sinatra in the movie and at one
point, miz takes my hand and starts singing to me, it was
really nice. he's got an amazing voice. but it ends up
he's into another chick, which sucks for me. it seems like
just when i think something's goin good something fucks it
up. oh well, he's going to come visit me here in a few
weeks, cuz i'm back at school now.

so while i was away apparently all my friends here had
quite a few adventures. kevin and doug are apparently
still doing really good. i hadn't seen either of them in a
while, but i heard that while i was gone, doug gave kev the
keys to his moms car, but forgot that he was drunk. so kev
ended up getting a dui and the cop answered his cell when
doug called. and he heard kev crying and thought that he
had gotten abducted or something. poor thing. boys crying
is bad enough, when gay boys cry, it breaks my heart. so
all is good in love-land. cept i'm not in love-land.
(here' where everyone's supposed to say 'awwwww') oh well i
start classes on tuesday which isnot exciting for me at
all. but my gpa's a 3.7 now so thats' cool :)