ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-04-01 17:20:29 (UTC)

I Fall Into The Meadow

hey guys...well its been a rather productive Easter break i
think...Tuesday of course was the concert in PGH.around 11
Jon,Gary,Dan ,and sum kid named Andy showed up...i noticed
a problem..no mark.i asked where he was and jon just
mumbled sumthin about mark not really bein a juggalo
anymore..i was shocked and saddened...but i didnt get into
it...jon seemed like he didnt wanna talk bout it.so i did
jons hair while he rolled a couple a blunts.after everyone
had there hair done and whatnot we went upstairs and did a
double rotation with our blunts..Needless to say we were
baked.so we headed to PGH through Uniontown..of course we
didnt go my way..jon claimed to know the way..although in
the end i was the one gettin us there.so we got there
around 3..when we pulled in i saw BJ so i stuck my tongue
out at him..he didnt know it was me tho.lol.we got in line
and i couldnt find my girl Ashley but who walks by?
SNACKZ,my fatkid-0-lovin, i yelled for him and he came over
and hung out..he didnt say much,hes sooo shy.then i ran
into PHIL and met his lil bro and g.f. oh my phil and his
lil bro look soooo alike..well we were all chillin and the
faygo wars commenced...i was soaked and it was rainy and
cold..i think thats why im sick..lol..go figure.so at 6
they started lettin us in,which is weird cuz they usually
never open on time.while i was walking in i saw Jamie and
yelled to him.he said whut up and then everyone went in..i
stood in line to get merch for like 20 minutes by the time
i got up front there was like no shirts in my size.so i got
an EASTSIDE hoodie and a MM tour shirt.well me and jon were
walking towards the floor when sumone hit me...i truend
around and it was MiKe..i gave him a hug and we talked..he
wanted to know if i was gonna ride home with him and i said
sure.so i ended up losing my boys and i was gonna watch the
concert in the crowd alone but Doug and Mike stood wit
me..it was weird mike put his arms around me during the
show...im beginning to wonder if hes really startin to have
feelings for me.well Zug didnt perform like they were
supposed to ..i was pist..i really wanted to see them
perform.ABK and Blaze did REALLY short sets..then Twiztid
came on and tore everyones wig off..they did a few new
songs..it was fresh but much too short...it was prolly the
shortest Psy concert ive been to.so after the concert me
and mike left.i found gary and them and told em i was goin
home wit mike..they seemed kinda pist bout it.well mike saw
his friend Jen?Jess? it was jen i think and she chilled in
the car with us and went to mickey D's while she waited for
her friends to come get her..sha smoked a fat ass joint
with me..i liked her..she was really funny and laid
back..it was kewl seeing mike with his friends..like i
never see mike in his normal everyday routine..just when
its me and him when hes in town..i wish i lived in ohio..id
be so much closer to people i kno..well we went home and
the whole ride was well....exciting..then we stopped at
mikes moms before i went home.i got in about 2 i think..i
grabbed sum food and a shower and i was out..lol..
well i bummed around thursday..tried calling mike with no
luck.friday my dad and sis came in...and my dad told me
that he was kewl with me gettin high cuz hes a stoner
too..he even took me out and got me high...it was weird at
first but after a few times it was kewl as hell..he got me
high all weekend.well friday night i went to bobs...it was
so boring untill ppl actually started coming around..Chad
and Gnome showed up and we drank a few beers in the car
then at his apartment.well his sister and her bf got into a
fight and the white trash neighbors tried gettin in it and
chad and teddy almost got in a fight with em.well the cops
got called so we split..we went back to bobs but it was
boring so i decided we should go play at the park..as soon
as we got there a cop stopped us and told us to leave cuz
the park was closed..so we went and chilled at a cemetery
and then went to Kerns to chill...then i was ready to go
home.well saturday i just laid around and got high then i
rented sum movies and talked on the phone with Derek.hes
gonna go see my artwork thursday at the show...hes so
awesome.well sunday my dad made Easter breakfeast and we
went to my nanas..we had diner there and she gave me 50
bones for easter..which was too much..but hey now i have
cash.then we came home..dad is being really awesome..he
gets high with me,he takes good care of me and sis when hes
in ,and he lets me eat raw steak..lol mom never does..she
says its gross..haha i wonder how shes doin in the
bahamas?? well my boy Kryptik from A-town called me last
night...i think we're both developing a crush on each
other,which isnt good cuz he lives so far away.and hes good
friends with MiKe...and i dont even know what mike wants
anymore...i just need to stay out of the whole relationship
ordeals.so now imma chill and do sum chores...my gramma is
picking us up for diner at 5..hell yeah home cooked meals
from grammys.lol..im such a fat kid..

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