little mind farts...
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2002-04-01 17:17:34 (UTC)

OH YES!!!!!! I FORGOT!!!!


it sucks b/c after people are a certain age, they think
that they are too old to be doing things like that anymore.
yeah well, this little sagittarian joker over here says
that you never get too old for:

1.) playing in the snow
2.) on a hot summer day, playing in the sprinklers
3.) getting ice cream from the ice cream truck
3.) participating in all childhood holidays: i.e. halloween
and april fool's day
4.) dying eggs on easter
5.) playing in the leaves you racked on your front lawn
6.) swinging on swings

there are many more, the list goes on and on. just beacause
you get older doesn't mean that you can't have fun anymore.
forget about what people think and have fun your way!

-michelle :0)

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