Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-04-01 17:17:10 (UTC)


Well, today I went to Whitby. I like Whitby. If I was given
a choice of where, ANYWHERE on earth I'd want to live,
Whitby would be the place. It's so beautiful and lovely and
gothic and historic and romantic and, it's just wonderful.
The only thing which ruins it are all the tourists. Ack,
they're everywhere. And the "townies", they're so annoying!

We had NO money at all, I had £20 and that's about all Mum and Dad
had between them, so...we couldn't really do much. No rides or
anything to eat.

Hah, well anyways, we went in all the regular places which
we used to go to when I was a kid. We went to see Sid...we
went to the joke shop-haha, it's not a funny place at all, just you
know if you ever go somewhere as a kid, you want to go back each time
you get a chance.

The tide went all the way back and we got to walk on the ROCK in the
ea-not the sand, and we managed to get the whole way out. It was
awesome. Haha, we must have looked pretty strange just walking around
lifting up "them" people who spend their spare time at
museums and libraries(no offense) but we were looking for

We went to the head shop, which is the best in the whole of England!
It has lots of clothes, incense and make-up. But it's pricey. And the
people at the cash desk always stare at me. Probably because I didn't
look "goth", because they smiled at a girl in huuuuge jeans,
3inch spikes, trainers, "barbie iz a slut" t-shirt and Papa roach
hoodie.*pukes* Little want-to-be-a-goffik-wannabe. I hate those
The drive home ws very tiring and I'm very tired now, so I should go
sleep. But I won't, it's too much effort to get up and walk into the
next room.