little mind farts...
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2002-04-01 17:05:51 (UTC)

let the drum roll begin

here we are! i haven't typed in such a long time! hee-
hee :0) i am still with my boyfriend, we had our first real
kiss on thursday of last week. i love the way he kisses. :0)
in the last entry, i wrote about a friend who i might
have lost. well, we decided not to let this hurt our
friendship. however, every now and then, she goes through
these silent fits, kind of like major mood swings where
something is obivously bothering her. is it the
relationship that i have with juan? is it selfish to think
that? perhaps that's reality...i don't know. i guess it's
not for me to worry about anymore. i hate saying that
because it sounds so uncaring but i guess that there is
actually nothing that i can do...even if i wanted to.
i told one of my best friends about my on-line journal.
this friend is david granado. i love this guy to death!
he's so incredibly wonderful. we haven't been talking that
much lately, but i know that no matter what he will be
there for me and i know he thinks the same way about me. :0)
my ACTs are coming up the week after my spring break..i
am nervous. i guess that i shouldn't be though.
i haven't talked to dave (my former crush) in a long
long time. i talked to him for two seconds on the internet
and he told me that he would call me later. he never called
of course. i don't feel bad about the situation and at the
same time, i don't feel good about it. it's also not quite
being nonchalant either. again, i guess that there is
nothing i can really do in this situation. he knows the
type of person i am. if he ever wants to talk, he can call
me up to chat.
i guess that i am going to go and read that friend's
(her name is ashely, i have talked about her before) diary
on here. i hope that it will shed some light into what she
has been feeling because she doesn't want to share her true
feelings with me it seems. then again, maybe she is being
honest about her feelings...i guess i'll have to find out
now right?

much luv,
michelle :0)

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