My Diary
2001-05-20 06:40:32 (UTC)

I hate my Mom & Dad

My mom and dad never let me do n e thing I hate
them...their soooooooooooooooooooooooo stewpid
I never get to go snowboarding,wakeboarding,skiing NOTHING
but i'm tooooooooo young...
My parents suk so frends parents r much bettr dey
don't let der kids do much stuff but still some basic stuff
that isn't even harmful.My parents just suk n I want the
whole world to know!!!!!!their stupid wimps dey never do
anythin nice or n e thing.n I never get n e thing good
I don't even have n e game systems n i practically hev to
buy everything myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!my girlfriend is the onli
thing good in my life!!!!!!
Sometimes i think bout suiciding n killin myself but den I
think bout joining the army n that's the onli thing that
keeps me alive.If i ever have kids i'll never be this
shitty n screwed to them!!!!!!!n i'll never make their life
shitty n boring.I'm cool n all at skool n stuff i'm one of
da most popular kids but my parents r just a pain in the
ass when I get home!!!!!!!!!!my life cant get n e worse
than this but I'm not gunnu do the same to my kids i'll
make them work hard but i'll still take em snowboarding n
stuff n I wouldn't make em hate me!!!!n e wayz I hate my
parents n dats the whole point of this note so...w/e.