2001-05-20 06:36:09 (UTC)

90 degree

I went out today and got abo-fucking-lutely
was nice...hangin around and drinkin with friends, watchin
porno, jumpin on a trampolene...great...

anyways, I get home and am pretty much sober by then and
realise that Elisse is working so I decide to visit and
rent a couple movies...I get there and wait until she is
done with da customers and go over to talk...the first
thing she told me was that her and her boyfriend broke
up...that took me by surprise; I didn't know what to say so
I said "When did that happen?" she said "Last night" I said
"oh" DAMNIT! I didn't know what to say...So I asked her
what movie I should rent...damn...what is the proper
etiquete for something like that anyways? Should I wait a
couple days or weeks or go asap? I dunno...anyways, feelin
not good now...fuckin vodka...among other things