Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-04-01 15:28:34 (UTC)

Friend Troubles

So, I did nothing this weekend. S is apparently not
speaking to me (or just not bothering to call) and I don't
know specifically why. I know generally why. It seems like
every time I have talked to her lately she gets all pissy.
Then accuses me of being pissy.... Here is the recap that
led to us not talking all weekend.... I guess... Last week
on her way to NO she called & seemed to be in a good mood.
We chatted a bit & she talked on speakerphone to all in
office (she's my best friend, so they all know her).
Anyway, we hung up & I didn't talk to her that day any
more. I called her the next day to see how shopping went
and she said her sinuses were bothering her & we could talk
the next day because she didn't feel well. So, the next
day, I was approached by a friend that I work with. His
girlfriend (this crazy girl that I don't like, butI do like
the guy) was in jail for something (I didn't even ask) and
my roommate and this other guy were supposed to be helping
her get out. (I know this sounds nuts, but these people
have a lot of drama. I am really not involved in their
drama.) Anyway, he couldn't get my roommate to wake up &
answer the phone, so this guy was wondering if I had the
number of the other guy that was going to help. I knew I
didn't, but because S is friends with him, thought she
might. So, I called her (on speakerphone) to ask if she
knew it or knew anyone who did. Her first statement to me
was "Why is this on you? WHy do YOU have to find out?" It
was SO rude.... And this guy was standing there hearing her
be this way. I just kind of stammered and said "I was just
trying to help someone out..." She sighed really deeply and
said, "Well, I didn't want to call anyone from work today,
but I will." I got so mad. I just said NEVER MIND. I told
her he could find it some other way. She kept saying "No, I
told you I would do it and I will DO IT", He was in the
background all embarassed for me, and saying, I can get it,
never mind, I can get it. Finally I just told her to forget
it that he could find it some other way...
I was horribly embarassed and she really behaved like a
total BITCH. What I was asking her to do didn't even
require that she get off the couch!! All she had to do was
make 1 call and then call me back. And when I asked, I
didn't even think she would need to make the 1 call.... I
thought she would have the guys number...
It seems like whenever we talk lately, one or the other of
us gets bitchy. I don't know why, but the fact that she
didn't call me all weekend leads me to think that she
believes this to all be my attitude.
I don't know what to think, or what will happen. I miss
parts of our conversations, but I don't miss having to
watch everything I say so I don't make her mad. OR having
to say what she wants to hear.
I don't know what to say or think or do....

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