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2002-04-01 13:51:48 (UTC)

autumn and vampires

have i mentioned that autumn is my favorite season?

well it is. it's sad and beautiful. like life. sad.
beautiful. sweeps you over and leaves you breathless.


stuart townsend is the hottest guy alive. melbourne being
one of the last places that movies go to, i only saw 'queen
of the damned' last night and i loved it. i would gladly
watch it over and over again. anne rice is one of my
favorite authors although i haven't read this book yet. i
loved the songs and i loved stuart townsend. he's too sexy
for words. it could be the makeup. it could be just him.
but one thing i know for sure: it's his eyes.

'eternity is a wasteland,' he said. being a vampire isn't
great. you're dangerous and sexy, but you're faced with the
ever-changing world that will never stop. you're condemned
to walk it for all time...all space...never changing, never
aging. you have all eternity to improve yourself but you
never will. you're a vampire. you quench the desires of
your little black heart, your thirst for blood...


i never knew creating a website would take up so much time.
i should be studying not creating a website about myself.
how narcissistic is that? but anyway, i'm putting up the
website soon for y'all to see.


up until now, i don't know if thy mysterious me is a guy or
a girl. if you're reading right now, i think you're a very
interesting person even if you're no heavy spiced cake
containing nuts and candied or dried fruits. tori amos is
cool...and cornflakes are boring that's why they should
hide out with raisins. gives them more taste.

i don't usually spend my whole day in front of the
computer. i do go out. i'm not antisocial or
anything...although i can be antisocial. perhaps it's
because i need a break from reality. where are you from thy
mysterious me? you're right about saying that life is
actually quite simple...i think it's demented people like
me who think too much and see everything as complicated
matters even if they're only in 3D. can't buy you a plane
ticket though. too expensive.


life -- as a friend of mine would say -- 'sucks ass'.
autumn, at least, doesn't suck ass. autumn is beautiful.
green, red, yellow and orange floating across the roads,
crunching under your feet. there was one time that a bright
red-orange leaf stuck to my white shirt: its color bursting
forth from the white background, its head up, its arms
stretched out. red-orange against white. fire against
coolness. life against death.

autumn is inspiring. leaves fall and trees bow. and yet one
day they come out more beautiful than ever before. it's the
end of a beginning, the beginning of an end. that is how
life should be. the end of a beginning...the beginning of
an end...

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